How SNP Fingerprinting Can Support Early Diagnoses


In an exciting collaboration between MIGAL-Northern R&D and Gene-G Applied Genetics, a new solution has been developed to support mango breeding. This project focused on utilizing genetic fingerprinting to analyze a wide array of mango varieties, aiming to genetically identify offspring from specific cross-pollination pairings.


The Rising Importance of Mango Breeding

As the fifth largest among fruit tree crops globally, the mango has seen its production double in the past two decades. Despite this growth, the market is still dominated by two varieties: Kent and Keitt. This monoculture presents risks and underscores the urgent need for developing new varieties with improved yield, superior fruit quality, enhanced disease resistance, and greater adaptability to diverse environmental conditions.

Driving Innovation in Mango Breeding

Since 2022, Dr. Navot Galpaz is directing efforts towards overcoming these challenges and has been leading Israeli Mango growers in the MIGAL-Northern R&D breeding program. Northern R&D, a division within the esteemed MIGAL Research Institute, plays a crucial role as the primary agricultural research and development entity in northern Israel.

A Fruitful Collaboration Towards Advanced Mango Breeding

The collaboration between Dr. Navot Galpaz of Northern R&D and Dagan Mor from Gene-G Applied Genetics company, is not just a professional alliance but a reunion of two long-time colleagues. Their journey began during their undergraduate studies and has seen several productive intersections over the years. When Dr. Galpaz sought advanced genetic tools to accelerate the development of superior mango varieties, it was natural for him to turn to Dagan for his expertise. Their goal was clear: to validate the success of deliberate pollination, in addition to enabling early detection and elimination of seedlings with undesirable traits during the nursery phase.

Innovative Approach in Gene-G

Gene-G specializes in innovative applied genetics solutions. Their successful experience in almonds, grapes, and castor, along other plants, offered a solid foundation towards a solution for this particular challenge in mango breeding.

The Gene-G team meticulously selected the most polymorphic SNPs and screened the relevant offspring to eventually design a custom Mango SNP fingerprint genotyping multiplex, providing Dr. Galpaz with the tools to accurately assess the success rate of each cross-hybridization.

Conclusion: A New Supporting Tool for Northern R&D’s Mango Breeding Program

This scientific endeavor concluded with an innovative solution for the challenge at hand. The breeding program can be significantly more efficient by using genomic information.

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