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Gene-G offers full laboratory services, providing DNA marker assays and genotyping tests.

We have a wide range of molecular assays for various crops, and our service lab produces thousands of data-points in excellent TAT (Turn Around Time) for results, and at a reasonable price, with high-quality results. 

Our use of the highly efficient multiplex AGENA MassArray® platform enables minimal use of plastic consumables and is thus very eco-friendly.

Custom Development
innovative applied genetics solutions

Since 2015 we created innovative applied genetics solutions to various challenging needs.

Through our internal bioinformatics and the use of 3rd party NGS tools we developed many gene markers in many gene discovery projects. We create `out-of-the-box` molecular genetics solutions for our customers.

We have tailored creative solutions for leading biotech companies and other projects, such as:

  • Gene quantitation in genetically engineered Tobacco.
  • Microbe monitoring and quantitation for several uses.
  • DNA fingerprinting for several crops: Almonds, Castor, Cannabis, and more.

We offer either long-term development collaboration-contracts, or focused custom development projects.

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MAS genotyping service
Gene-G Applied Genetics MAS genotyping service

MAS marker assisted selection is now widely used by breeders to advance crop breeding.

Gene-G offers an efficient service using both Agena Mass-Array technology and Realtime PCR.

We do our best to provide the most accurate genotyping results in the shortest Turn Around Time TAT possible.

We are constantly developing and renewing our DNA markers list, to fit the never-ending changing needs.

MAS genotyping service : Tomato

Our Marker Assisted Selection MAS genetic trait related marker panel, for tomato is the most extensive and up-to-date available.

Our tomato markers are used for MAS, and back-crossing, and also validation of parental lines.

Our DNA markers for various traits are constantly validated by the best breeding professionals.

Disease resistances, morphology, color, and more.

For many traits, several markers are being tested, for better and more accurate information.

MAS genotyping service : Pepper

We have the best L4, Tsw, YR (Yellow/Red)  tests both on Agena and Realtime PCR platform.

All our pepper tests are constantly validated by pepper breeders

DNA FingerPrint
multi-marker DNA fingerprinting

Genetic Purity

For genetic purity confirmation of parent lines or F1s we have an extended multi-marker DNA fingerprinting test based on dozens of widely distributed polymorphic SNPs.

Breeders use our multi-SNP marker tests both for confirmation of purity and for stabilization of parent lines.

We now offer `off-the-shelf` DNA fingerprint genotyping tests for:

  • Tomato
  • Pepper
  • Cucumber
  • Melon
  • Watermelon
  • Cannabis

And more. And if its not in this list, we can certainly make it.

DNA Extraction​
GENE-G APPLIED GENETICS image of DNA-Extraction test


  • Simple and cost-effective
  • High-throughput (96/384)
  • High-quality
  • Suitable for cutting edge screening technologies
  • Ready-to-use kits
  • Full service

Gene-G Applied Genetics - Epigenetics example

Agena Bioscience’s EpiTYPER®
DNA methylation analysis

DNA methylation analysis

General Genotyping

Our technology and our bioinformatics General Genotyping tool are further used for:

  • Rapid gene discovery 
  • Variety genetic mapping 
  • NGS data validation    
  • Variety purity and fingerprinting

We use the AgenaTM MassArray platform and thus can be very efficient both in cost and turn around time. See our calculator for project cost estimation.


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