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Gene-G provides ready-to-use kits that can be used by the customers in the comfort of their own laboratory. We have developed tests for both the MassARRAY® platform and for standard real-time qPCR applications. We have a wide range of DNA marker assays for various crops.
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Tomato Genotyping
Tomato Genotyping

Our DNA markers for tomato are the most extensive and up-to-date available.

The tomato markers are used for marker-assisted selection (MAS), and back-crossing, and also validation of parental lines, and purity tests.

The DNA markers for various traits are constantly validated by the best breeding professionals, Disease resistances, morphology, color, and more.

For many traits, several markers are being tested, for better and more accurate information.
Pepper Genotyping
Pepper Genotyping/genetics

Gene-G provides superior DNA trait markers and general genotyping assays for pepper.

We have a purity panel with almost 60 polymorphic markers.

Our L4, L3, and Tsw markers, are based on recent publications, and are further developed by our own in-house R&D team.

All our genetic tests are validated by experienced pepper breeders.
We provide full laboratory services and ready-to-use kits.





Cannabis SNP fingerprinting
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Gene-G now offers a 42 SNP screen for Cannabis breeders. SNPs were carefully chosen to fingerprint unique cannabis lines.

Cannabis (Cannabis sativa L.) is an influential yet controversial agricultural plant, with a very long and prominent history of recreational, medicinal, and industrial usages.
General Genotyping

Since 2015 we offer Agena Mass-Array services for customers. Our Mass-Array allows a single chip run of up to 60 SNP or Indel markers in multiplex on 384 samples.

The simple 1-2-3 pipeline consists of:



We take pride in excellent TAT (Turn Around Time) for results.

For example, a simple project of 200 SNPs on 200 samples can be completed in <14 days from a SNP list and sample collection, including DNA extraction to receive analyzed results.

The General Genotyping tool is used for:

  • Rapid gene discovery
  • Genetic mapping of varieties
  • NGS validation
  • Variety purity and fingerprinting

For a project cost-estimation, you are invited to check out our General Genotyping cost-calculator.