Since 2015, Gene-G has been involved in several innovative R&D projects to provide solutions for various challenges, working together with both Israeli and international partners from seeds companies, AgBio startups, as well as academia.

  • Traits and markers:

Gene-G collaborates with several crop breeders to associate genetic markers to various phenotypic traits. 

We work with classical plant breeders who develop tomatoes, peppers, and more. We have done some unique R&D projects in tobacco, cannabis, and castor, with both classical breeding methods, and GMO plants. Many of the molecular solutions that we have developed are already applied by our customers in marker-assisted selection (MAS).


  • Microbiome:

‘Microbiome' is a multi-species community of microorganisms in a specific environment and 'microbiome research' refers to those studies that emphasize community-level analyses with data derived from genome-enabled technologies. Recent advances in microbiome research now allow new applications in many fields: health and medical care, agriculture, food production, and environmental protection.

Gene-G was selected by Israel's largest wastewater treatment plant to provide a solution for quantification of microbial threats inside sludge, intended to be used as an agricultural fertilizer.